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Looking for the Light

Uncertainty often feels like finding our way in the darkness. When we are faced with times such as these, feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and even a little bit afraid, the darkness can begin the consume us. We must above all, right now, look for the light!

Light-bearers are are all around us friends! We can find the light in connecting with fellow florists and creatives on any variety of social media, YouTube, and other digital tools.

(I found three today who helped me shine! Thank you for the bright spots Alison Bradley, Donald Yim, and John McDonald!)

We can also BE the light! Reach out and help light the path for someone else.

Here is what I have been talking to my clients and friends about this past week or so . . . how to use this time to find a new path forward?

Acknowledge what has happened, accept what you can not change or control today, and set it to the side. Rise up, breathe deep and look for the light.

Here are few things to think about and shine some light on; have you been putting things you need to do, or learn, or correct, on a back burner because you've been too busy? Here are a few that have come up in conversations . . . that email list you keep meaning to clean up, holiday notes that year after year seem to never get organized and updated well enough, learning how to create or improve social media content and pre-schedule posts, learning and mastering new techniques (Oohh, or even creating a NEW technique), researching new business tools to improve your practices like event software, photo editing tools, website options, accounting tools and providers, etc. this list could go on and on!

Light it up friends! Find new ways to strengthen your skills and resources so when we are ready, and the paths start to reveal themselves, we can hit the ground running!

Yes, things will be different. Yes, we will have to adapt. Change is hard but it can be good.

I am sending all of you peace and love and creative energy!

If you need me I am here and I will share my light with you. You are not alone.

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