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A great customer, and wonderful human being, shared this quote with me many years ago and it spoke to me then, as it does still today. I came across the small, well-worn note while cleaning out some papers this week and decided to share it with you.

Introspection . . .

Invites insight,



When we explore our inner landscape,

Our dreams blossom with promise,

Our spirits soar with possibility,

And the potential

Intrinsic to each of us

Takes shape.

When we journey inward,

We honor the most unique aspects

Of who we are ~

And discover the depth

And beauty

Of what we can become.

~ Unknown Author

There are times we find ourselves in a place where our lives have taken a direction that we did not expect, and possible one that we did not desire. It is in these moments, the ones when we are vulnerable or feeling exposed, that looking inward has the potential to reveal great insights. If we are brave there is an opportunity to see the elemental core of the person we have been, the intrinsic gifts and power we possess, and a vision of the person we choose to become.

The way we respond to monumental challenges we must overcome, paralyzing fear that we must face, or overwhelming grace we have received is what defines our depth and beauty. This reflection has guided me over the years, to look deeply into my "inner landscape" ~ to search the shadowy dark places, and to revel in the brilliant light of the open spaces. It can be a daunting, and sometimes frightening thing, to seek oneself so deeply, but the treasures that this journey brings are of incomprehensible value to those brave enough to find themselves in this place.

So you may be wondering . . . what does this have to do with business consulting and coaching? That answer depends on where you are in your journey. For those individuals who find themselves in unexpected places in their business or career, on a path they did not choose , this process of introspection has the potential to clear a path, to reveal unconsidered possibilities, and dreams that were previously beyond imagination.

Having walked that path, having felt loss . . . and lost. . . I can say confidently that we create our own reality by how we see, not simply ourselves, but the world around us.

Seek to grow, seek to learn, seek to create.



posted on my previous Wordpress Blog Apr 24, 2014

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