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Shine Bright!

Everyone has something special that is a unique characteristic all their own. What is it that shines brightly from you and lights up the world around you? Each one of us has gifts and we are drawn to seek ways in which to fulfill the potential of those gifts. Our passion drives us to seek out growth and connection. We read about our passion, we watch videos, we practice our craft or skill until we are completely immersed. This is great!

But is it the best way to shine brightly?

It only makes sense that we are drawn to the activities at which we naturally excel and love. At what cost though? If we only grow in a limited area of focus we ultimately limit the reach of how far our light can shine. It may not be in our best interest . . . or in the best interest of the larger community.

What would happen if we turned the focus of that light towards something we want to avoid, or put off until it becomes urgent? Shining our light on things we aren't passionate about, or naturally gifted at, can open doors that otherwise remain locked and dark.

The possibilities are limitless. . . Shine bright!

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