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Floral Design Coaching Services


Fresh Start wants to help designers reach their career goals. Our coaching is focused on  the individual needs of each designer providing tools to assist in accreditation testing, competition preparation, and creative skill building. 

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Floral Design Training  


Working with flowers is our passion and we love everything about it. A strong foundation  of the principles and elements of design are critical to every design professional, but it takes more than simply being able to recite them. A skilled design knows that it takes discipline and practice to achieve and to maintain artistic excellence.


Trends and techniques are constantly changing and evolving so it is critical for designers to always be learning. 

Design training services are offered on a one-to-one basis or as a group session. Group sessions can be scheduled in your flower shop or in conjunction with industry partners like wholesalers and regional trade events.


For more on these types of services please view our Online Bookings page or give us a call. 

Career Coaching

The floral design profession has unique characteristics that differentiate it from other creative professions. Navigating the options for career development can be challenging and there is no single "right" answer. 


We can help you define your long term career goals and  guide you in developing the skills and relationships that will best benefit your specific needs.

We've been there and we can help.

For more on these types of services please view our Online Bookings page or give us a call. 

Education Programs

If you are looking for someone to present a workshop, design program or educational event for your shop, wholesale house, or convention, we love to share our inspiration, innovation and motivation with your group.  We speak about floral design, daily shop practices, holiday preparation, pricing for profits, wedding planning, increasing your sympathy and everyday sales, care and handling and a ton of other topics all geared to give your group creative and useful information that can be put into action immediately.



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Video Inspiration 
Klaus Wagener 
I absolutely love this video demo from the amazing Klaus Wagener. A beautiful orchid garden built on a structure combing man-made and organic material is magical!  He uses one of my all time favorite mechanics - rebar ties and the twist tool! Enjoy. 
American Floral Endowment

Check out this little gem! A sassy little PSA for the industry from AFE.  I am not sure when this was produced but its  a totally different approach!  :) 

Fabulous Florist Documentary!


Love! Love! Love this short documentary on Dilly's Bespoke Florist by The University of Suffolk in the UK.  Well, worth the ten minutes! 

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