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Holistic Business Support for Florists
Our Top Picks . . . People You Can Trust. 

American Institute of Floral Designers

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Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative

Helping You Navigate Covid-19

Nearly everyone in the floral industry has been directly impact by this virus and its long term impact on our world, whether your are a freelance designer, a bench designer, or a floral retailer. We are all in this together and you are not alone.  You will have questions and be seeking answers to them as we move forward.  No one person or organization will have all the answers - we will need to do what we do best and tap into our creativity and find a way to light the path forward.  

Together we are all stronger! That has never been more true than today. I am so grateful for the work SAF has done to support florists in this time and love the message that they are sharing of Respond ~ Recover~ Revive

I want to be here to support any of you who need it. I always offer free initial 30 minute consultations and will continue to do so. You can book a time online from the website from the "Book Online" tab above. I have also created a low-cost ongoing support plan called "Starting Fresh" for those needing longer term help. You can access this offer by selecting the "Plans & Pricing" tab above.  Additionally, there is now 50% off coupon for our "HELP! Session".  

My own floral journey has carried me through life threatening illness, financial challenges, and picking myself up and starting again. Mr. Rogers told us the look for the helpers. You are not alone. 

Reach out with your questions, your concerns, and what ever else is on your mind. 

May you find, and may you be, the light bearers for with the light come rebirth.
Business Consulting


Every small business owner eventually faces challenges that are not in their wheel-house. Seeking support services from a firm like ours allows you to focus your energy on your area of expertise and prevent costly mistakes.  Whether your need is finance, operations or marketing our team can help. 

Strategic Planning


Are you frustrated, tired, at the end of your rope? We've been there and want to help find long-term solutions. Fresh Start Floral Consulting is committed to being a the partner that floral  designers and entrepreneurs need. We have been where you are and understand.

"It is not the plan that is important,

it is the planning!"

 -Greame Edwards

Design Coaching

Individual design coaching provides floral designers with one on one guidance and education that meets their specific career goals. Whether it is seeking accreditation, developing a freelance pricing model, preparing for competition, or general career counseling our team of experts can provide the support you want.   

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